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Month: August, 2015

Should you flaunt your goods at hookup sites?

One of the most important stages in joining any kind of adult dating site, especially hookup sites, is your profile. You have to understand that your profile is the bait on your dating hook. Just as it would be stupid to go fishing with an empty hook, it would be stupid to go on hookup sites with a crappy profile. So you have to pay attention to the picture that you feature. You have to put in time to write a nice description.


You have to understand that these chicks don’t have time. In many cases, they’re just going to look for profiles with pictures. After that, they’re going to look for profiles that have very interesting titles. After that, they’re going to look for certain key details. Do you see how this all works out?


If you fail to meet any of those filters and if your profile doesn’t survive any of those hurdles, nobody is going to want to touch you. I know this sounds harsh. I know this sounds pretty fucked up, but this is truth. You can’t be that dude who expects that these women will go out of their way to try to know everything about you because you’re such a gem. No, that’s not going to happen. That’s a fucking fantasy.


You have to play by the rules or otherwise you’re going to end up doing what you’re already doing which is ending up lonely at night and jerking off to porn movies, which is it? Which would you rather be doing? Would you rather be fucking thanks to hookup sites or would you just rather be spilling your male yogurt all over your keyboard? I thought so.


So listen up. If you want to really knock the ball out the park in terms of your dating site profiles, show your shit. What I mean by that is show your cock, man. I mean, if you are like the typical dude and you’re over seven inches or eight inches, flaunt it.


But however, if you’re like less than six inches and you definitely have a nasty shortcoming, then put that shit in your pants and maybe showcase your abs or your chest. Do you know what I’m saying?


So you have to come up with some sort of physical angle that would make women want to take note. Maybe you have a great smile, do that. Maybe you have dimples, how that. Come up with a physical spin. I mean, posting a picture of your dog is not going to cut it. I don’t care how cuddly, sensitive, warm, smart you are. Women are not looking to marry you. They just want your cock at hookup sites. I hope you see how this works, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

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