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Month: July, 2015

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The Truth About Lesbians

The University of Essex recently did a new study about female sexuality and the results are very interesting. Read more about The Truth About Lesbians here.

The University of Essex recently did a new study about female sexuality and the results are very interesting. What they did was take a sample of 345 women. They had them all watch porn and recorded their results electronically, to see how aroused they were. What they found was that straight women were equally aroused by both men and women, while gay ladies were only aroused by women. This seems to prove that women are just more open to bisexuality, which backs up data from other studies that have been performed.

However, this study is not air tight. The sample tested was all comprised of middle class white women who were all open minded enough to participate in a sexy study. Still, it does seem like the information could be viable since there are similar studies which also suggest that women are more bisexual than men. It’s also difficult to say if women were actually aroused by the women, or what was happening to the women. Is it a lesbian sex scene that was causing them to be aroused, or the idea of pussy licking?

Another interesting takeaway from this study was that all of the lesbians studied did not necessarily exhibit masculine characteristics, proving that you just can’t judge a book by the cover!

Source: The Truth About Lesbians

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